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What is a Professional Internet TV Network Platform?

The Professional Internet TV Network Platform is a complete online video platform (Video CMS/WebTV/OVP), with Flash and HTML5 support to achieve the best possible compatibility with PCs and mobile devices. It is a platform that not only allows you to have your own video network portal but also, through extensions, it can be turned into a monetization platform (Pay Per View), with user registration (and user-created content), news and events sections, image galleries, and much more. All managed through a very easy to use administration interface.

Besides, the solution has a variety of social features that will help you in distributing your content to social networks.

The Professional Internet TV Network Platform is a powerful sales and marketing tool that allows you to create your own video channels on the Internet, with your own content, your own publicity and with your own identity; without depending on other Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Our solution is intended to be hosted in YOUR SERVER, so unlike other solutions, the files are stored in YOUR SERVER not on ours. Use the hosting service of your choice as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

Finally, the Professional Internet TV Network Platform can be used as your primary Website, or as a complement to an existing one.

Multiple Applications

A Professional Internet TV Network Platform is suitable for multiple applications/fields: TV/Movie production, corporate TVs, tourism and entertainment, video brochures, medicine, real state, architecture, health and beauty, e-learning, news, social events (weddings, birthdays, etc), sports, art and culture, museum, public records, religion, society, science and technology, toys, content for youth and kids, home and family, and many more.

Why Have Your Own Video Portal

Having your videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other similar video sites is very good, and recommendable, only as a complementary online strategy, but not as your main video portal. Why? …Well, here are 3 powerful reasons:
1. You are not in control of the portal, you are just another user of those sites…
2. Your competitors are there too, so if your potential clients looks for something, it will not only find your products and service; they will also find those of your competitors…
3. Those sites show banner ads and publicity that can happen to be from your competitors…
After reading the previous, do you still plan to use any those online video sites as your main, official, online video portal?